Character Questions

All right guys! So here's a list of things I need from everyone! Please answer these questions as fully as you can as they are instrumental to helping me build this world for all of you! I'll be pulling things from this to help flesh out potential Social Links for everyone.

1) What is your character's dream or goal? This can be anything you want it to be. The important part of all of it is that your character has something they are actively working towards and they have something they want to achieve or do! 

Remember, your character has been chosen in part because they are a dreamer! They need to have a goal. It can be as big and grand as you want it to be or, as mundane as one day hoping to own a specific issue of a comic book.

2) What are your character's fears? What's their worst nightmare? Dreams of all kinds are very important in this game. I want to know both sides of the coin.

3) Tell me about your character's family! What are the names of their parents? Do they have any siblings? What are their relationships with them like? Any extended family they are particularly close to or perhaps have an otherwise rocky relationship with? How did they grow up? 

4) Tell me about any other people your character would frequently talk to. This could be a neighbor they say hello to every morning, a classmate, a teacher, their boss, some guy they keep running into on the bus. I want to know about their social lives!

5) Tell me anything else that might help me understand your character a bit better. If you've already sent me stuff, or feel what you've already answered is sufficient that's cool too! 


Everyone is a lucid dreamer! 

Your character, for as long as they can remember, is able to control what happens in their own dreams. 

That's about it! Feel free to send me a PM at any time with the answers to these questions. Thanks everyone! I hope you're all as excited as I am about all this!

Character Questions

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