Persona Mechanics

Weaknesses and Resistances

Elements or skills you are weak to will do double the damage dealt.

Elements or skills you are strong to will do half the damage dealt.

One More!

One More! is an extra action gained by exploiting an enemies weakness or landing a critical hit. You can use this action however you would like. The ability can stack, but can not trigger off of the same enemy once it is down.

In addition, if you have a point of inspiration to spend and have made it to Rank 4 of one of your teammates Social Links you can utilize Baton Pass and pass your One More! to them!

All Out Attacks

Once all enemies have been downed by either critical hits or hitting weakness, the party may choose to preform an All Out Attack.

All party members roll their weapon damage. The totals are added together and treated as almighty damage.

Persona Mechanics

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